Being Veggie at Hay

Despite having pretend animals hanging from the tent ceiling on an annual basis, Hay Festival has introduced a food stand for veggies and vegans! It was pretty aptly timed since I’ve been trying to cut down on meat recently (having tried diving in head first to no-meat-no-cheese to no-avail), so I thought I’d check the place out!


I got a “veggie burger stuffed with salad”, and though it certainly lived up to the name, it was a little on the dry side because of a lack of any sort of condiments – even ketchup is vegan, guys!

Sandwiched between Squid Inc and the Venison burger place, you would have thought that the veggie-vegan stand would have some sort of rival for the triple cooked/ halloumi chips offered either side – but I think it was their extensive menu of fritters which prevented them from serving up any sides like these. I ended up with triple cooked chips from Squid Inc, stealing a little of the ketchup from there to put on the burger instead! It must be said, though, that it’s likely to be super difficult to batch make that sort of thing for a queue as long as the one I was in, so I’d say hats off to the veggie vegan team for what they did manage to do, especially seeing as it was their first year on the Hay job!


I probably should have gone for their fritters in the first place though, since the banana ones were to die for! When ordered from a Chinese, I don’t usually find them too appetising but the sticky toffee sauce and super fresh frying made these banana fritters absolutely amazing, even on an already pretty full stomach – these, I would highly recommend.

dsc00385_1024_x_768-e1527419715295.jpgA special mention has to be made to the Peach Iced Tea, too, from the coffee company stand which is a staple at Hay. It may not have been quite a Starbucks, but I’d imagine this particular company pays their taxes, which makes up for it entirely! In fact, I nabbed two of these over the course of the day (one of which I downed before the hour-long talk we went to and regretted about half way through – oops).


It helps that the straw was paper, too – prettier and better for the environment? Yes please. Not to mention that they’ve started distributing reusable cups at the Hay Festival bar to add to their already considerable efforts to be eco-friendly. I would highly recommend heading down to the festival this week if you can – the food and atmosphere are super inclusive, and the talks are definitely worth going to once you’ve pigged out on everything else there is to offer!

– L


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