Book a Month: The Psychopath Test

Starting from Blackwell’s bookshop and ending up in the back garden, I couldn’t stop myself from reading this book cover to cover within a day! Titles such as this one would catch anyone’s attention – and I was no exception. But what made me stay with the book was not that bait, but the storytelling that followed… most of us are interested in learning about the minds of wildly irregular humans (on some level), and Ronson’s done a terrific job at satisfying such a curiosity in the most entertaining way. If the title interested you, then it’s likely the rest of the book will, too!

If you want to find out about psychopaths and how to detect one, you’re coming to the right place – Ronson uses psychopaths and their diagnosers alike to investigate how they influence the modern world. It may even be all the more relevant today, 7 years after its publishing, because of the widespread conspiracy/speculation over a certain president’s personality characteristics.

I may be a little biased when I give this book a 5/5, as I find psychology quite an absorbing topic to read up on. Despite this, though, I’m certain that if you’re just looking for an interesting read, it ticks all the boxes for anyone to get engrossed into it – after all, it hit the New York Times bestseller list!

– L


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