What I’ll Miss About 17

So… meant to be turning 18 tomorrow. My 12 year old self is of course dying a little at the fact that I haven’t become immortalised as an undead yet, but don’t A Levels make us all feel a little dead inside?

I’m not so sure whether there’s going to be all that many songs about my age after this point. The only one I can think of is She’s Only 18 by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and that’s a liiittle too on the creepy side for me, although I do appreciate their ability to make even a song like that irresistibly catchy. I can think of countless singles which feature a 17 year old girl – with Dancing queen by ABBA, I saw her standing there by The Beatles and of course That Girl by McFly to name a few. If any age is romanticised, it’s got to be the one I am right now.


I know from The One Where They All Turn Thirty that I’m not on the downward slope yet – but what is it about being almost an adult and not quite there that appeals so much to songwriters, and even authors, alike? I’m pretty sure Dancing Queen would be much more applicable to Uni students; I can’t imagine that under-18s club nights quite live up to their adult counterpart. I hate to mention it, but surely it would have been more practical for those vampires in Twilight to have been 18 when they became undead?

I realise this has been very backward-looking, and not offering as many answers as questions it poses. But of course I’m looking forward to being 18 too! Finally I will have the right to contribute to our democracy (albeit two years later than that right should have been given). I have a feeling my ID will be being asked for for a long time to come – but at least I’ll have one now! And of course, in the eyes of the law at least, I will be considered responsible for myself. How much of a good thing that is is certainly up for debate.

– L


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